Constantly having to Activate

I have the elite version of GlassWire, currently only installed on two boxes.

Whenever I open it after a few days I am forever having to keep putting my license key to activate the features. It is becoming quite frustrating as the I am assuming the Elite features arent working during this time.
Anyone got an idea? Its latest version on Windows 10 platform.


There are a couple reasons this can happen, and it is fixable.

  1. If you use “cleaning” software then perhaps that app is deleting our activation files. Please white list the programdata/glasswire folder in your cleaning app.

  2. We had an older version of GlassWire that had this bug, and sometimes it continues on with newer installs (if you used this older version). Uninstall GlassWire (in add/remove programs only, don’t use a third party uninstaller please), reboot (it’s important!!!), then reinstall our latest version using our “clean install” option and the issue should go away permanently.

If it still continues let me know.