Constantly unresponsive

Hi there
I’ve bought Glasswire a while back now (october) but have stopped using it basically almost instantly as it is always hanging or crashing. It ALWAYS hangs for like 3-4 minutes when i first launch it, then it settles but also randomly when browsing data through the app it just hangs and crashes. Im on windows 10 using version 1.1.39b
I really like the functionality when it works… but its such a pain to relaunch everytime it crashes i’ve just stopped using it.

Any help would be appreciated. Also if i can help the developpers to get more info dont hesitate to ask.


Sorry for the problem. I post this answer below a lot so if you already saw this I apologize.

First go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” and remove your code. Next uninstall GlassWire (unfortunately you will lose your data) then go to the “ProgramData” folder and delete the “GlassWire” folder there.

Next reinstall our latest version and upgrade to your paid version again and let me know if you still have this issue. If you’re still crashing please let me know what other apps you use on your PC and if there is some way you can reproduce this problem. Thanks for your report.

Ok thanks for the answer, no I hadn’t searched that much, i’ll try that as soon as I can. As for the data loss i don’t care much. Thanks for your quick reply I’ll keep you updated if it worked or not