CPU usage 2.2.268


7,5% constant usage of cpu on high end 3700X amd but not from bootup
Which is the use of one complete virtual core.
And I m talking about gwctlsrv.exe
Ram is gowing between 300M and 700M
I have only 5 leads

  1. Some VM from virtualbox with storagenode from storj running.
  2. Domotz agent
  3. Tasks from BOINC (which have network activity)
  4. Session messenger
  5. And parsec

Since it’s a headless desktop with a dummy hdmi plug to make it usable with parsec remotely I would say that I can put parsec aside because it’s not from boot up.

The UI is responsive.

Test it in labs please


Sorry for the issue and thanks for your report.

The most common reason for this issue is something like Bittorrent running. Bittorrent connects to thousands of hosts simultaneously. GlassWire has to keep up with monitoring these hosts, so it has to work hard and it will use some CPU to do so. To solve the issue you can make Bittorrent Incognito (go to the firewall and find the app, then click its icon, then “more” then “incognito”.

Or, Bittorrent users can run our “Lite” version.

Our LIte version does not monitor all hosts.

It sounds like Bittorrent isn’t an issue for you though.

If you have time, if you run our “Lite” version is the issue solved or not? I ask because then we can rule out issues with monitoring lots of IP addresses simultaneously.

If you go to graph/apps when this spike is happening do you see anything unusual there?

How long is your GlassWire history on that machine?

Not sure if you can, but if you exit some of those apps does the issue go away? We don’t run BOINC, etc… normally so if you could try that it would save us some time to know what to install and test with.

Yeah well it’s never about BitTorrent with me since I ve stated several times that I don’t use bittorrent on a desktop and I only use bittorrent on dedicated virtual machine for that purpose.

I would use the lite version but I m not going to do that on a 3700X since it’s a minimal annoyance here.

Which would be nice is that you set up an actual true test lab with several bare metal desktop or one desktop with several external ssd to boot up from and have actual leads on that.

You never explored the lead of tor virtual machine like whonix and the effect that might have as consequence in your software.
Neither different network discovery agent
Even if I ve pointed it several times to it.
At least your service is still running even when in loop on high end device

Thank you for the additional info and sorry for the problem.

I mentioned Bittorrent because it’s a public forum and when this issue appears it’s due to Bittorrent for most of our users, but I can see it does not apply to you.

I will share your idea and feedback with our team so we can improve in the future.

I also have this problem. It uses 50% of a core all the time, even with the program closed and only the Glasswire Control Service running.
The CPU usage does not depend on network usage. Even if I’m doing nothing it’s still always high.
I tried reinstalling and using the lite version but the issue remains.


We released an update a few days ago that has some resource usage improvements. This post is from over 2 years ago. We have done many major updates since then.

Is it possible for you to try our latest updates that just came out and see if the issue continues? Do you use Bittorrent?

Also, we recently worked with another user for several weeks who had a similar problem with his type of hardware. Perhaps your device has a similar type of hardware that seems to have this issue.

We have now implemented even more improvements that will be in our next major update when it comes out.

If you find you are having this issue even with our NEXT update, could you please email me and include a link to this thread? We can then work with you to find the cause of the issue and improve GlassWire further.

We are always working to improve GlassWire’s resource usage and for most hardware and device types it uses very minimal resources, especially our Lite version. Let’s get this fixed for you.

Thanks for your patience and feedback.

Appears to have been solved in 2.2.304

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I’m glad! We made many resource usage improvements.