Crazy Memory Usage



I’m glad GlassWire could help!


INSANE Resource usage. I made the mistake of installing this fool thing. Within two hours of monitoring it had my computer nearly crashing with 94% of the CPU and 98 %of the RAM used. This on a gaming rig, i7 4.0gHz quad core (8 logical cores) 32 GB RAM and only glasswire and my browser open. NO THANK YOU - you can keep your memory hog. Luckily I got it close (had to use task manager and force it all closed) before my rig crashed but, I will NEVER install this horrible beast again.



GlassWire only uses a lot of memory when it has to log an unusual number of hosts simultaneously, for example if you use something like Bittorrent for an extended period of time. When using Bittorrent you can switch to Incognito mode with GlassWire under the “GlassWire” menu to solve this problem.

Another reason this could be happening is that your PC is infected with malware. You can also check GlassWire’s graph to see what apps are using so much network activity that would cause GlassWire to have to work this hard to function on your machine.

It is not usual for GlassWire to have memory usage problems.

It’s unfortunate you feel the need to bump every thread in our forum that has to do with resource usage in an attempt to somehow punish us for a personal problem you’re having with your PC. GlassWire’s job is to keep track of network activity and log hosts and it does its job well.

We have spent a lot of time optimizing GlassWire where its resource usage is minimal, plus we give the option for people to use Incognito mode to not log hosts and use even less resources.

Below is GlassWire’s current resource usage on my machine which is an older Intel NUC. An Intel NUC is not a very powerful machine.

Your messages would not be the first time people have contacted us complaining about resource usage problems only to find their PC is infected with malware or has a broken or badly behaving application running.


Bullshit, No torrent, running Norton and F-Secure Secure, no Malware. Yes 3 ad, flash or media blockers running because metered connection so, all of the crap needs blocked. Only app running was Edge browser. Damed Glasswire leaks worse than any game I have ever APLHA tested for no reason. pushing to 29.4 GB used and 91% of CPU in under 3 hours is INSANELY bad.



Could you give us more details about what these 3 separate ad/flash/media blockers are you are running? We will install them and try to recreate the problem.

GlassWire does not “leak” anything, it is logging hosts as it is supposed to do but your PC is accessing an extraordinary amount of hosts simultaneously for some reason, and this causes GlassWire to use more resources to keep up with all your hosts.


Hello Ken,

I was wondering around why glasswire was using so much resource and found this page.
Read many of the posts.
Thank you for the instructions. I tried uninstalling fully, restarting and re-installing a clean updated version of glasswire. Seems to have solved my 1.5gb Ram usage and 25% CPU utilization problem.
Everything has dropped back down to just under 50Mb or Ram.

I think this only happened to me after a recent update to V 1.2.100 and updating to 102 didn’t solve anything until I fully removed it.

I suspect that as you have been saying, Glasswire was blocking something and causing massive resource usage.
Might I make a tiny product improvement suggestion, a wish really. In the firewall tab, it would be nice to have some visible statistic somewhere showing which app or program in the block list has been blocking thousands and thousands of attempts to connect outwards. Or connect inwards. I’m pretty sure it would help us users to easily identify which of our programs that is taking the piss on us.



If you check GlassWire’s graph and check the “apps” there you may be able to see what app/malware is acting crazy. Thanks for your feedback.

Meanwhile we are working on a GlassWire light version that doesn’t constantly log hosts, so if you have malware or run Bittorrent 24/7 GlassWire’s resource usage won’t increase any.


I’m using latest and getting crazy memory usage. I’ve already uninstalled, wiped the database and reinstalled, and that seemed to “fix” it for a while, and now it’s back up to crazy (1.5gigs, ~15% cpu usage average). I’m not running BitTorrent or anything. Just playing Overwatch, doing normal PC stuff. Not using the Glasswire firewall, and even have Windows Firewall turned off.

Any suggestions?



Are you using our free version or pay? Are you in “Ask to connect” mode? If you disable “Ask to connect” does it make any difference?

Can you disable the mic/webcam monitor and see if that helps?

Do you have a lot of devices on your network?

Have you scanned your PC for malware? When you check GlassWire’s graph does it show any unusual activity when your PC is idle?


@Ken_GlassWire thanks for the reply. I’m using the paid version. I am not using ask to connect, nor any of the built-in firewall stuff.

I am on a home network, so I have a typical number of devices (tablets, phones).

I wound up uninstalling Glasswire, then choosing “clean install” when reinstalling, and memory usage/CPU usage is back down to sane levels.


Hello, I have memory usage problems too.

Even tho I’ve used “quit” from the tray icon, I guess that glasswire keeps running in the background, how do I make glasswire completely quit when I tell it to?