Crazy Memory Usage


Even immediately after a reboot, Glasswire seems to be suffering from CRAZY high memory usage. The Glasswire Control Service is the highest memory-user of anything on my system (61 megs) and the Glasswire application is 4th (33 megs). Here’s a screenshot, taken immediately after booting:

For comparison, I have another system service, ManicTime (, which monitors and records everything I do on the computer (i.e. which application is being used, which document is open within that application, etc). This uses 23 megs total, less than a quarter of Glasswire’s 94 total. Even Outlook 2010, when browsing a folder with 72,000 e-mails (and after establishing its IMAP connections & using it for awhile) fits in at well under half of Glasswire’s 94mb usage.

Is this to be expected (or I suppose more importantly…is this expected to be fixed?)


Low resource usage is our priority. How many days have you been running GlassWire? Are you using our latest version we just released at

Thank you.


Decreasing your history size by going to your settings can help with memory usage. We will continue to work to make GlassWire use as little resources as possible.


I’ve been running Glasswire for 2.5 days total. The comparative example I gave, ManicTime, has been tracking my computer usage continuously since 2012. While I didn’t see any history size setting, my intention was to have the history be infinite (i.e. never to discard - like with ManicTime or other similar tracking software).

I was using 1.0.21b, and just updated to 1.0.23b. There was a very modest improvement in memory usage, but it’s still the single largest memory consumer on my system:


Sorry. We hope to make the memory usage less in the future.


After a bit less than a month, glasswire.exe takes 238Mo, it is indeed memory hungry.
I wonder about your allocations.


Yeah, mine’s up to 148 now. I do love the idea of GlassWire, but with this kind of resource-hogging it unfortunately doesn’t seem even remotely feasible to use long-term. It seems like it really needs some fundamental rethinking (vs small tweaks) in terms of what’s kept constantly in memory vs on disk, or how this information is organized. As mentioned, I’ve been using similar time-tracking software for years, and already Glasswire uses many times more resources - with no hint of slowing down :frowning:


We are still in beta mode and resource improvements are our top priority. Thanks for your feedback. You can also clear your history to decrease resources for now.


You have to be kidding me.

My Glasswire was consistently over the gigabyte of memory consumption, so I googled it to see if it was a known bug, only to find that you call under 100 megabytes crazy high?

At least I found about 1.0.25, and it still haven’t gone over the 500 megabytes in the about 24 hours since I updated it.



Please let us know if you start to see issues again. Thank you!


[quote=“tropintropintropin, post:9, topic:245”]
You have to be kidding me.

My Glasswire was consistently over the gigabyte of memory consumption, so I googled it to see if it was a known bug, only to find that you call under 100 megabytes crazy high?
It is immensively huge !p
For comparaison, I run an app that indexes all of my ntfs disk, in real time 3 513 933 files for around 8To, it takes 120Mo in memory.
My browser with ~120 tabs runs at 1.2Go.
Keep it real.


Sorry, maybe I didn’t explained myself correctly.

I mean that with 1.0.25 is much better because it looks like it won’t go over 500 megabytes of ram. I still consider a firewall using about 450 megabytes of memory after 20 minutes of switching on the PC to be pretty bad.

Is there any way to enable a log I can share with you?


We think we have found some solutions that will go live in the next release. If you’re still seeing issues after that we may request logs. Thank you for your offer and feedback.


[Update] Not sure what happened to the rest of this post, but I came back tonight looking for any new info b/c Glasswire’s behaving so poorly (in fact, much worse than when i started this post a few days ago).

Running Glasswire 1.0.25b on two PC’s running Windows 8.1 Pro.

On my workstation (x64 Intel i-7, six dual cores, 32GB RAM), Glasswire.exe and Glasswire Control Service routinely absorb 525 MB of RAM (331 MB and 190MB, respectively) and 18.4% of CPU capacity (9.4% each)

On my laptop (x64 Intel i-7, quad dual cores, 16GB RAM), Glasswire.exe and Glasswire Control Service routinely absorbs 247 MB of RAM (147MB & 80MB, respectively). CPU usage does not arise anywhere near the levels of the workstation, routinely running under .5%, I don’t understand this difference. The four dual core laptop (2.2GHz clockspeed) commands a fraction (3%) of the six dual core workstation’s CPU usage (.5%/18.4%).

Regardless of the hard to understand difference between the two machines, Glasswire is now in the Firefox category of obscene memory/CPU consumption. I ditched Firefox last year for this reason (and the fact that all tabs and extensions ran under a single process, rendering it both a resource hog and unstable when compared to Chrome). I realize that Glasswire remains in the early stages of its development, while Firefox was/is a very mature product, so I’ll cut you guys the requisite slack. Just please get it tuned quickly!


Last version, I’m currently at 430MB + 132MB.


Hello everyone. I have the same issue.
The following screenshot is far from reality. It often also eat a lot of my cpu capacity (basically all he can have to reach 100% of my cpu capacity)
screenshot of my glasswire process
By the way, it is a very nice software and hope you’ll find a way to fix it.


Memory usage is continuing to get worse for me too (now running v1.0.28). I wonder if this is going to be addressed, or if time has come to just uninstall? I love the app but it’s really not realistic to devote these kinds of system resources to a monitoring service like this.


We plan to make an option for “7 days” history, or less as a temporary fix as we continue to optimize the software. Later as memory usage improves you’ll be able to increase history usage again if you want to. Would GlassWire still be useful for you with 7 days or 1 day of history?


Would GlassWire still be useful for you with 7 days or 1 day of history?

No, not really. Throwing away history doesn’t seem to address the problem at all, it just hampers the program’s effectiveness. As mentioned in my original post, the other monitoring software I use (ManicTime) has now accumulated several years’ worth of history, nothing having ever been discarded since it was first installed (I can go all the way back and see its recordings - presented graphically, just like in Glasswire - from day one). Its total overall memory usage is now 24 megs. Glasswire’s is well over 200 now.


We’ll continue to work hard to try to get memory usage under control. For myself GlassWire is around 4MB of memory.

People all use their computers different ways for example we have found people who use Bittorrent are causing GlassWire to use major memory. As we test with different GlassWire usage scenarios we will improve memory usage over time but it’s not a quick easy fix unfortunately.

We feel frustrated also because we want GlassWire to work well for everyone.