CryptoTab Browser

Any ideas on what CryptoTab Browser is? (c:\program files\cudo miner\cudo miner core.exe)
I found it on my son’s school computer and if I’m reading GW right, there’s a lot of traffic coming in, but not out.

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It appears to be some sort of browser with cryptocurrency mining features.

I am not familiar with that app, but there are some types of apps that will “cryptojack” your computer to mine cryptocurrency. Cryptojacking malware - Wikipedia Hopefully it is not the case with the app on your son’s computer.

It is a type of web browser that would allow a user to mine cryptocurrency while he is surfing the internet.

give it a try, the more people join the benefits are endless.

Here you can read about such type of browser www.velvetech. com/case-studies/blockchain-app-development-crypto-mining-browser/