Dark Mode/Theme

I like a lot of Glasswire’s appearance options, but it’s disappointing that there are no dark/night options - be they skins or some other option. (I’d especially like a dark version of the “Lilac & Mint” theme.)

I know that Windows comes with some OS-wide options in that area, but they’re all VERY poorly done and visually unappealing. It’d be nice if Glasswire had its own solution.

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@JackOfAllGames An Android dark theme is coming soon. We hope to add one for Windows eventually also but it’s a bit difficult due to the way GlassWire on Windows is designed.

Penumbra 10 theme is available for windows 10 for people who prefer minimalistic darkness on their desktop environment.


In case anyone is wondering, our FREE dark Android theme is now available. Tap the bottom right menu and choose “themes” and there is one free theme for you on Android.


Our free dark theme for Windows is still under development but you can get it faster if you join our beta testing group. http://eepurl.com/bVfWqD

Too bad you removed it from the free version… I’m sorry, but I can’t stand those white apps on my dark desktop. If you’re this aggressive with your paid options, I wonder what else you’ve hidden from the lower paid tiers that’s going to seriously hinder my enjoyment of your software.

I’m uninstalling… bah


I’m sorry to hear you got confused.

GlassWire Android already has a free dark theme,and GlassWire Windows will have a free dark theme soon. In fact the beta testers are already using it. We have never removed a dark theme from either version.

Our Windows/Android themes existed many years before Windows/Android had dark modes but now that dark modes exist we feel it’s important to offer a free dark theme option.

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