Dark theme has been paywalled

Wild to me that when I install the latest version of glasswire I’m forced to use the light theme, are they really that down bad for buy premium?

Hi @kathool,

Over the last year, we have changed the entire licensing model. You can read more here.

Some features which were available on old Free version are now only available of the paid version. However, the free version now benefits from features which were not available previously:

Free GlassWire

Free users of GlassWire will now have access to almost every GlassWire feature, with various limitations.

Security features that Free users can now utilize include:

GlassWire Score - Gain better insight into the safety of the applications running on a PC. See what percentage of users have used a specific app in the past week and be alerted if specious.

Anomaly Detection - Detect and point out anomalies in the network traffic which may look suspicious. See if the average traffic in and traffic out consumption of the applications running is similar to most, and be alerted when it is different.

Firewall - Click to block all network connectivity for specific applications.

Things - See a list of devices on the local network and get alerted when devices join or leave with this network device list feature.


Hello @Katie_GlassWire,

That doesn’t answer the question. There is no information regarding themes on the link you provided.

The information regarding themes and dark theme are only stated on the product page, which I can’t even link due to user post limitation.

I’ve been using this software since 2019, but after this I’m going to cancel. I have photophobia (not a fear, but medical intolerance) and am so sick and tired of your software reverting back to the default theme after every restart. Along with you putting dark theme behind payment, that is extremely irritating for users who need it. I pay for this feature and even I can’t use it properly.

Exactly man, I get that they lock some pretty nice features behind a paywall and as someone who uses the free version, I was fine with it. Been using this software for a couple of years now and I regret updating it, basically nothing was changed except for the dark theme being put behind a paywall, they added “FREE” to the title, and even more obnoxious pop-ups to buy premium. It’s great software don’t get me wrong but maybe they wouldn’t have problems getting people to buy premium if it was a pleasant experience to use the software without premium. I’m of course gonna keep using GlassWire but this just convinced me even more that I don’t want to pay monthly for something that I don’t even really use that much because it’s just a background tool that is nice to have when you need it, at least to the average computer user.

That’s great and I’m thankful that there are more features open to the Free version but like @iHack said, that has literally nothing to do with the dark mode/theme being locked to only premium users. On top of that, he even pointed out that people who have premium get switched to light them every time they restart. This shouldn’t be a problem and the dark theme is a necessity for the majority of applications, I haven’t seen a single application force people to pay for their services just to change how the UI looks like jesus christ how hard is that to just make your software more enjoyable to use? That’s what makes people want to pay for your services because people like your software and want to support it. Instead, you constantly make big pop-ups that beg us to buy premium.

Hi @iHack,

Thanks for your message. It sounds like your issue is regarding the app reverting to the Free state after every restart. This shouldn’t be the case. Please can you provide more information to help@glasswire.com so we can investigate this? Please provide the version number and logs.


Hello @Katie_GlassWire,

My license is never requested or having to be added again. If that is the case, would this still fall under that assumption of it being reverted? If so, I can provide the logs.

Version 3.3.504 - GlassWire Elite
Windows 10 Pro Version 22H2

Adding on for Dark Theme, Glasswire needs to recognize system settings as many other apps do.