Data Plan question

I am sure I am missing something, and try as I might, I cannot find it.

I setup GlassWire with a data plan. So 30GB for the month beginning on 12th.

Where do I see how much of that I have used without every time manually going to Usage > Custom > then selecting the days? Surely there must be somewhere where the updated balance of the data plan is visible?

Any help appreciated.


Is this for Android or Windows? On Android the plan is always visible in our persistent notification. You can go to our bottom right menu, then settings, then tap “choose what you’d like to see”.

For Windows, I think you have a good point. Perhaps we can add “Data Plan” to our top right menu as an option. I think most people have monthly data plans that start on the 1st of the month and end at the end. So in this case you’d just keep the monthly view. I guess that’s why we haven’t had anyone request this before yet.

I will share this idea with our team. Thanks for pointing this out.

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OK, so it’s not just me then. :wink:

Yes, it is for Windows, and if my plan began on 1st it would be straightforward. But alas . . .

Thanks Ken.


Hi,is not something what you are looking for?
Under settings in GW then Data Plan you can set time period, start date etc…although, yes it does not show total data say each day to view.

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I agree that having a “Data Plan View” of aggregated data usage in the PC data plan period (that is set in the Settings) is a great idea. My data plan as well, from 18th to 17th, is not tailored to the GW default Month time period in Usage Tab of the first through the end of the month.

I agree as well. I’m on satellite internet and only get 60GB/month and that is split between 2 computers so I’d like to be able to actually see how much usage each has gone through without having to fight with the meter to line it up just right to find out. Currently the Data Plan feature on Windows is pretty useless to me due to a few issues :frowning:

Can I also suggest some further updates to the Data Plan feature? First, the alert I noticed last month pops up and is gone so the other people using the other computer for example would never know they went over since they don’t know as much about computers or the program. I had the alert pop up on me last month and it was gone within seconds and there was nowhere else I saw that made note of it, so what if a background process was doing something and triggered the limit while I wasn’t at the computer? I’d miss it and never know. A better notification would be nice so it is not as easily missed… Also on the topic of hitting the limit last month, the limit was not accurate. Even though I have it set for 30GB and resets on the 3rd, it told me a week or two before the reset that I had hit the limit but after sliding the meter over to the 3rd at midnight (morning of the 3rd where the first day of my internet cycle starts) and looking at the rest of the month usage it was at 22GB. It was only over 30GB when the usage was set to show from the 1st of the month to the current day (whatever day I looked), so the Data Plan was not adding correctly anyway :frowning: Can this also be looked into for a more accurate reading of the Data Plan? For me at least it is not matching up with the date for the start of each month I have set.


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