Data usage compare with isp?

Can Glasswire data usage be used to compare the data usage my internet provider says I use?

It would depend on how many devices you have on your network and what type of devices.

It’s just a home network, the devices going through my router for home use. e.g. printer, phones, tv, etc. To gather the total amount of data going through my modem. I wanted to be able to use some kind of software if available to compare what I’m actually using to what my ISP reports. I’ve contacted both my router and modem companies, and neither has that capability. I’m able to see what devices connect to the router, but it doesn’t give me that data.

GlassWire can only monitor data from PCs or Android devices. Thanks for your feedback on full network monitoring.

Some interesting info regarding monitoring data usage at your router. Not as easy as it should be, but doable…


There’s no magic way to run a tool that somehow monitors all the traffic on your network without your router’s help. This information must be captured on your router itself. If you can’t actually capture or view this information on your router, you’re left relying on bandwidth-monitoring tools built into each device itself.

Great and useful info, thanks for posting!

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Maybe GlassWire should partner with a router company to co-brand a router with firmware capable of communicating router traffic info to a GlassWire database running on a PC. Then expand the scope of the “Things” monitor to show all WAN traffic usage stats by device.

Good idea!

Also, I have seen some websites actually have a business of selling well known routers with open source software installed. Seems strange, but it seems some companies do that and I guess they are able to make money since it’s complex to install that software.

Over time I think more and more new routers will offer this functionality probably.

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Out of curiosity, I took a look in the advanced admin page on my NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6330) - AC1600 Dual Band Wireless Speed (up to 1600 Mbps). This is a router that can be had for under $80.

Found an internet traffic meter that I have never used, as I don’t have a monthly bandwidth cap here.

You can set a monthly limit that resets on the 1st of the month, and either flash the internet LED and/or disable your internet connection when the limit has been reached.

Unfortunately the traffic volume is shown in aggregate total for all devices connected to the router, not by device. But it still may be handy for those concerned about reaching the limit.

Here is an example of the router’s traffic meter setup:

Looks nice! Maybe by using something like that, then comparing a data plan from your PCs with GlassWire you could figure out what’s causing overages in some situations.

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