Dates are not localized


It would help if the dates in Glasswire were properly localized. Most particularly the dates being displayed in the Graph. It may not be so obvious to you, but it is actually confusing and harder to read for users accustomed to other formats.

It could be an option similar to “Use system time format” in general settings. But don’t force a date format that only a small portion of the world uses.

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Sorry for the issue. Please go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then check the box “use system time format”.

Hi Ken,

Thanks. But that setting is on. Times change to my system 24h format. But dates still show in US format; i.e. mm/dd/yy, not the international dd/mm/yy which is defined on my date/time system settings.

Strange, if you go to other apps in Windows unrelated to GlassWire do they show the correct time format or do they show the US-style format?

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have?

It’s probably a bug then. Let me give you a screenshot. It’s easier.

EDIT: Can’t post screenshots :frowning: To answer your question, yes. My regional settings are correctly configured for UK time and other applications show the dates in the correct format. As for the version I am using 2.3.318.

You know what I just noticed that is interesting? If I change Glasswire to another language it will show dates in dd/mm/yyyy format. But in English it switches back to mm/dd/yyyy.

Interesting. I will report this to our team and we’ll try to recreate/fix it if we can. Thank you for noticing this issue.

I was doing something wrong when I was trying to post a screenshot earlier.

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New paid user from UK here :slight_smile: This issue applies to me too and I agree as per comments from the OP, as both a UK user and an ex-programmer, that this should be easily rectified. It is most disconcerting from “this side of the pond” (smiles!!) to have to undertake mental gymnastics with all the dates! Please add as matter of urgency to next update.

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Unfortunately, 4 months later and still no fix.

Not just 4 months…I’ve been searching the forum and, as far as I can see, it has been an issue since 2015!!! Ken has replied to me on another post on the same issue asking for version number and “system time” checkbox being ticked: exactly the same response issued to other members in the past. All report latest version (at the time of posting), all report this box checked…and all report still not resolved :frowning_face:

Thanks @therave and sorry for the issue. I will bump our dev team again a reminder and see if things have changed.

Due to the UI tech we use this is more complex to fix that we expected.