Deceptive pricing advertised and and currency issues

I’ll be brief and use this as an example in my experience trying to purchase licenses from a few minutes ago for 2 licenses.

The prices you have online clearly state your promotional USD rate 2.19. My Region is set to the US.

Simple, create an an account (again region set to US), log into my computer’s glasswire account… select the general management account and the currency is now in Euros with no way to edit this.

Let’s try a different approach. Logout of glasswire’s software, use a different browser (Brave), Try logging in through your glasswire website. Access the general console - still in euros 2.19.

What gives?

I’ll give the benefit of the doubt here and say okay - scripting error but given the MASSIVE amounts of people giving grief on this subscription model you guys are trying and being met with this - It’s really not off to a great start. Fair game here, I’m hoping that I’m some fat fingered person here who can’t understand how to change settings or a software update bug you made recently - so please help me out. What’s going on here?

Btw, 2.19 in Euros and 2.19 in USD has a MASSIVE difference in exchange rate depending on where you’re based. and yes, I took screenshots.

Hi @Mark2023,

thanks for getting in touch. The cost is different depending on your country, i.e. $2.19 in the US and €2.19 in Europe.

When you create your account, the price which shows within the Management Console depends on the country you have added upon account creation. It is not set dependent to which data centre you create your account in (US or EU).

I can see that you have set your country to a country outside of the US, in this country we trade in Euro.

If you are actually in the US then please ensure you set your country to United States as shown below.


Hello Katie.

Thanks for the reply - I’d like to say a few things.

First, removing the ability to choose what currency you’re dealing with per country is just purely inconvenient - but also very surprising. Majority of the services online area paid for in USD or their local currency in this country at least or are converted to reflect the correct rates with a web based script. And while that doesn’t seem significant at first glance my second point on this matter is a difference in cost.

Second, You provide the same service regardless of which country - as per the previous historical reviews you’ve had prior to your updates (users from thailand, US, australia, etc.). A $2.19 with a fair market exchange rate is 55 give or take. While a €2.19 is 61. That’s a difference of 5. For no real added value. It’s just bad financial sense. that’s a 12 cent different per month if I pay with my US card, and a 6 peso difference per month if we use the local cards. Maybe I’m unaware of the reason, we’ll just call this a hidden tax on the careless and uninformed.

Third, WITHOUT any VPNs - your site advertises a US currency charge in the Philippines.

Forth, You can’t change the country on your management console. what then when will you do when one is frequently travelling?

and lastly, thanks for respecting my privacy and sharing my location on the forums… most unkind of you to do since one of the main reasons why I sought out glasswire was transparency in my networks for privacy. I sincerely don’t appreciate that and hope that’s not a common practice to our your members like that. But to clarify the context of the confusion on my end. I’m setting up a console in the Philippines for my family (hence why I selected Philippines) - I am based in the US; Since you put that information out here already.

attached below: Proof of a non-VPN advertised rate to the users in the Philippines and why I say it’s deceptive.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 140312

TL:DR - to be constructive here and sharing with others from what I’ve learned today:

  1. You can’t change the country in your management console.
  2. They don’t list the pricing of the service until you’ve created your account.
  3. You can’t edit your country - so for those who travel or are not permanently based in an area consider that. it’s greyed out
  4. It’s cheaper in the US based on exchange rates today.
  5. What is advertised on their site for their promos and subscriptions is not always reflective of the actual price; it depends on your country of origin (which isn’t readily available until you’ve created an account).

Hope that helps you.

and thanks Katie for the response.

Hi @Mark2023,

Firstly I would like to apologize, I thought you had mistakenly entered the incorrect country upon account creation as you mentioned in your first message that your region is the US. I have edited my reply to remove the details of the country stated.

It is correct that you cant not change the country once the account has been created. What I can do is delete your account so you are able to recreate it.

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