Deleting Apps from Firewall list

I just want to notify that sometimes when you delete an app from firewall block list, they will not be removed from Windows firewall list and the app remains blocked forever. Please provide a solution.
thank you.


Nobody has ever reported this before that I recall.

Are you using an old GlassWire version? If you go to our top left menu and choose “About” what version does it show?

What firewall mode are you in, and is it set to “on”?

Are you using a secondary firewall app that may be interfering with GlassWire?

Glasswire basic 2.1.167

Firewall mode Ask to connect.

No I’m not using any other Firewall.

below you can see another example of a similar case:

I wanted to add the link but your system won’t allow. Here is the title:

[Glasswire not cleaning up Windows Firewall rules?]

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You’re using an old version. Our current software is 2.2, but there is a known bug with “Ask to connect” in our latest update.

Please try to reproduce the problem with the update we should have out this week or early next.

Is there an automatic update feature in the software?
I have accidentally blocked a software and now I can’t connect to the website.

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Sorry for any confusion but you should not go to our website yet… Please wait until the update is announced for the latest version. It should be out this week or early next.

The software will alert you for an update when we have one. Then you can download the update from our website.