Desktop window does not appear after minimizing or restarting

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on a i7 with 32Gb ram and R9 290 graphics with GlassWire 1.0.23b, Bins, Fences, and VirtualBox (although not running GlassWire on a virtual machine). When I stop the UI by using the close or minimize buttons and then attempt to use the UI again by using the tray icon button or the taskbar button the UI does not appear (no GlassWire desktop window). When I hover on the GlassWire taskbar icon (when using preview) I see a blank UI with the close button showing. Clicking or hovering on the preview acts as if I pressed the Windows->Space key (all desktop windows become transparent) :expressionless: If I right-click on the GlassWire tray icon it disappears although the GWIdMon.exe32 process is still running. In order to use the program again (GlassWire is hosed at this point) I must click on the blank UI’s close button in the preview window then kill the GWIdMon.exe32 process. I can then restart GlassWire and it runs until I kill or minimize the desktop UI.
To make a long story short, as long as I keep the GlassWire desktop window open it works pretty good but once I minimize or close the window and want to view it again, things are as described above, consistently.

Thank you for reporting this. We may re-post a new version here for you to test and see if it fixes your problem or we may contact you via email.

Would you like a appcrash report or something?

Please try our just released update

1.0.24b seems to have repaired my problem. Good work!

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Well, my losing the UI problem seems to be resolved but the UI just crashed. I restarted it using the desktop shortcut icon and it is working fine now. Do you have a special startup flag to get a dump to figure out what happened? Also, when I restarted the UI (only the UI… the server seems to be pretty stable) I had two tray icons. Passing the pointer over them made one disappear, the persistent one functioned as expected. The tray icon exhibited similar behavior on my original problem, “phantom” tray icon, also.

If you have Windows Error Reporting on we should be able to see some info there but I’ll ask our dev team if they have something else we can give you that might fix the problem faster. Thanks for reporting this.

Hi mwd,
Did you get any message from Windows or GUI just silently exists?

Unfortunately, it exits silently. The control service and idle monitor persists, though.

Do you know how to see GDI object count in task manager?

GWIdlmon = 10
GlassWire.exe increments by 3 as long as its running. TCP ports? There appears to be a leak in the GUI somewhere.

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Yes, it’s seems so. What windows theme do you use? And what “Performance Options” do you have set (Computer->Properties->Advanced system settings->“Advanced” tab-> “Settings” button under “Performance” box) ?

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Using a basic Aero desktop slide show. My performance options are default (Let windows choose). Every checkbox is checked except for ‘save taskbar thumbnails’. I am running Stardock Fences, 1UPIndustries Bins, VirtuaWin (with 4 virtual desktops), along with several Gadgets (yeah, i know about the gadgets :)). Nothing unusual, chuckle

Thanks, it was very helpful.

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