Detect someone connecting to my computer

Is there a way I can use GlassWire to detect when someone on my network makes a connection to my computer? This could be someone with the domain admin rights, for example. I’d like to be alerted if say, someone connects to my machine as \myComputerName\C$ from a remote computer, for example.


Yes, it depends on how the person connects to your computer. There are all kinds of third party tools out there for creating remote access connections. When these tools begin accessing the network GlassWire should warn you.

You can also put your PC in “Ask to connect” mode to block all new unknown connections if you are a paid user.

Let’s say I am the user attempting to connect to another machine on the same network. My method would be to either connect via the command line or by mapping a drive as \<driveOrShare>. How would I get alerts for this?

If “Command Prompt” has never accessed the network before, then it would prompt you, but if you have it in “allow” mode you would receive no alert.

For the drive, it would probably be the same.

GlassWire is more useful than just simple prompts. You can check its graph to see what current apps are using the network, then also go back in time and see what’s happening.

If you’re worried about a connection to your PC during the night you can switch to our “Block all” mode when you’re away from your PC, plus GlassWire also shades the graph to show when your PC is idle. If you see a lot of weird activity while your PC is idle it could indicate something unusual is happening.

I’m not sure we’re on the same page.

Let’s suppose I am the connecting user and you are the target. My PC name is computerA and yours is computerB. I am attempting to connect to your machine discreetly and peruse through your files and see what I can find.

From my machine I could open Windows Explorer and create a mapped drive as \computerB\C$. Doing so would then give me access to ALL your files on your C drive.

How, in this scenario, would you configure GlassWire running on your computer to alert you that I have made such a connection to your computer? Something like an alert that says - "User James has connected to your C drive from computer computerA. Otherwise, you’d have no idea that someone is snooping around through your computer.


I raise a thread. I have tested connection from computer1 to computer2 with installed Glasswire. On computer2 with installed Glasswire i dont get any info popup or alerts about this connection. When this funcionality will be implemented?


Are you talking about an RDP connection alert, or how do you want this to work exactly?

You can see all connections to your PC if you go to GlassWire’s graph, then click the “apps” option.