Device Association Framework Provider Host

Hi So I am new to this but here is my first post. I have noticed on my Laptop I have the following App active in my list when running Glassware - Device Association Framework Provider Host which in its own right is fine as its a official Microsoft core process but it is linking to a local address. So followed the trail at the ip address it identifies as my CCTV box which when checked it identifies as “hangzhou hikvision digital technology co. ltd” which is is Chinas state-owned, manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment for civilian and military purposes. Now yes it is a CCTV box but I am concerned that the App is pointing at that and not a Microsoft IP.

Any advice would be helpful


I’m not familiar with that manufacturer but it’s possible it’s some kind of telemetry that checks for software updates, etc…

Also, you can double check the host with our host checker. Mouse over the IP address in GlassWire and a circle with three dots appears like (…). Click that, then choose “search” and it should use our host search feature.