Device list Change (MpKsl6d75a6a9)

I have had a new alert ever other day or so about things like “MpKsl6d75a6a9” (and other similar names) being added, but I do not believe I have changed anything and cannot find any results for the names, any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for the problem. Where do you see these alerts and what exactly does the alert say?

the alerts tab at the top, and it is is

(time). Device list changed
Device “MpKsl6d75a6a9” was added

I have gotten one of these every day for the last 4 days with a slight variation on what is in quotes.

Do you have some type of keyboard controller hooked up to your PC by chance… just guessing.

just mouse, keyboard, and headset at the moment. I had a 360 controller plugged in but it has been unplugged for a couple weeks.

If you search Windows for this name do you find anything?

No, I havent found anything for any of the names

I had this issue and researched it last week. It turns out to be releated to MS Security Essentials. Search for “mpksl glasswire” on Google for some useful information.

Good luck,

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