Device "" was added; Device Microsot ISATAP and The application publisher changes from Microsoft Windows to empty value

Anyone know what these alerts mean? I get daily alerts about all the changes except the last alert, which I have received once only. I have the latest version of Glasswire as recommended by another post. Thanks.

Device List Changed
’Device “” was added’ but no further information in the left column.

Device “Microsoft ISATAP Adapter” was removed
Device “Microsoft ISATAP Adapter” was added

Application Info Changed
The application is no longer signed.
The application publisher changed from “Microsoft Windows” to empty value.
The application publisher changed from empty value to “Microsoft Windows”.

Application Info Changed
Application version changed from 6.1.7601.18493 to 6.1.7601.18896. (Consent UI for administrative applications)

ISATAP adapters ( TCP/IPV6) are usually found due to IP configuration. They should be removed as they can cause problems with devices that dont use them but it depends on your personal computer configuration. I would like to add that All the times I got this type of alert is when MS has been active on my PC.

Thanks Duncan. One down, three to go.

The second last paragraph makes sense =The app no longer signed (18493) + "empty value " not recognised /changed from 18493 app to 18896 app =changed from empty value to Microsoft Windows ( recognized ) .One app out /one app in.