Disable Glasswire on Android without uninstalling

Is there a way to temporarily disable Glasswire on Android without uninstalling it? I am trying to reclaim as much RAM as possible in certain situations and want to disable all services, but I still want to use Glasswire most of the time.

If there’s not a way to disable it, will it retain my data and configs if I uninstall and reinstall?


Thanks for using GlassWire on Android! For anyone who is curious about our Android app you can find it here GlassWire - Mobile Data Usage Firewall for Android.

Unfortunately Google requires that any apps that run in the background have a persistent notification. GlassWire must run in the background to count your mobile data, so that’s why we have a persistent notification on your phone. However, you can long press this notification and some phone types will let you hide it.

To answer your questions:

  1. I believe you can long press our icon and “stop” our app, depending on your phone type. Please give it a try.

  2. GlassWire SHOULD retain your data usage stats if you uninstall/reinstall (it should do this on most phone types), however it will not retain any firewall settings, profiles, or data alerts, or any other settings.

I hope this answers your question and thank you for using GlassWire!

I’m not asking about the notification. I’m asking about temporarily disabling Glasswire altogether. Is there really no option in the app to just turn it off? If not, there should be.

If I have to uninstall it in order to turn it off, and it will not retain settings after an uninstall, is there any way to export the settings and reimport them after reinstalling?

Google makes it clear that apps that count data in the background must have a persistent notification, and we count data in the background so we have to have this running. It’s Google’s policy. It’s very risky to play around with Google’s policies or your app can be completely removed from Google Play suddenly with no warning, and no way to bring it back. It would put us out of business.

You can long press our icon, then tap the “i”, then choose “force stop” to stop the app though. That’s allowed by Google, please try it.

We appreciate your feedback and we will re-examine the rules on this to make sure they are still the same as they were last time we checked.

I’m not asking about the notification at all. I’m asking you if there’s a way to disable counting the data. I temporarily don’t want any Glasswire processes running.

If I force stop the app, it restarts on its own.

Unfortunately no. GlassWire Android used to allow this, but Google made changes that forced us to use a different API that calls your data usage stats from your phone itself. These stats exist on your phone whether or not GlassWire runs or is installed.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll revisit Google Play developer rules and see if we are misinterpreting them, or if they have changed.

In that case, again, is there a way to export “firewall settings, profiles, or data alerts, or any other settings” before I uninstall so that I can reimport after I reinstall?


For Windows we have instructions here GlassWire user guide and manual, for Android we have no ability to do that.

I agree with the OP here. There needs to be some way on Android to turn Glasswire on and off. Glasswire interferes with calls using a voip number on my Android device. Every time I need to use voip i must uninstall Glasswire, which lets the apps run wild and reinstall it after the call. This means I have to reconfigure the firewall from scratch. Im only interested in the firewall anyway not the vpn, so its too bad they can’t be seperated. Is this something you guys can address as its becoming problematic at least for me. cheers.

Sorry for the issue and thanks for your feedback. Could you include more details about this? Nobody has ever reported this before so this is new information for us.

GlassWire blocks apps so it shouldn’t be able to disrupt VOIP calls randomly.