Disable notification in lock screen Android

I have been trying to disable notification in Android lock screen, as every time I get a notification, that triggers the GlassWire notification and GlassWire notification is shown last, hiding the original notification.

I have tried disabling showing all the Alerts, in the notification setting to “Don’t show notifications at all” but it did not do any change.
I then tried to disable all alerts, but notification still appears in lock screen.

Is there something that I am missing or is the app failing to read configuration for notification in lock screen. I am using a OnePlus 5 with android 8.0


Could you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “send feedback” to send us logs/details so we can see this issue and suggest a fix? I’m not 100% sure I understand.

We use the Android OS notification system, so we should be unable to hide any other notifications even if we wanted to do that. The Android OS should not allow us to do that.