Disabling auto-updates?

I’m a new glasswire user and love the software. However, as I’m sure everyone has noticed, in the last 10+ years software tends up “update” itself to be unusable, or to change its interface to something new and exciting that has to be re-leaned.

My glasswire auto-updated itself last night, so that I got a message this morning saying ti had been updated. Since my use of Glasswire is simple, and since it already does everything I’m going to need… how do I disable these auto-updates so that I can freeze this software in a state where it’s 100% working exactly how I want it to?

Hi @Raptisoft,

Thanks for your feedback. To confirm, all of your preferences and settings remain the same after the update. Auto updates are in place to make sure users have the latest version of the software free from glitches and bugs. Old versions are not maintained so auto updates allow us to make improvements for the benefits of all users.


Hello @Raptisoft ,

Thanks for this post. I noticed this “auto update” for the first time this morning, after using GlassWire since it was first hatched. I am particularly disappointed by this new and unannounced, to me at least, mandatory feature. I have manually updated my GlassWire software on most of my systems, since my first use of the software. Katie’s rationale is absolutely wrong, from my perspective. As most experienced users know, there are simply too many early user issues, with early releases of most software. Typical beta and limited user testing cannot duplicate the enormous range of systems in use, and often initially causes serious issues to many users. To put a working system at risk by allowing forced updates to new versions is not acceptable to most users of critical systems. In my case, I will no longer use GlassWire on my more critical systems, because of this change.

I hope GlassWire looks at these comments, and changes this behavior to allow users to either enable or disable this feature, based on their knowledge of their systems and the requirements and needs of their systems. That would allow me to continue to use it on system where it could otherwise be of great value - but will not be acceptable, if untested (on my configuration and systems) upgrades are going to be installed without my prior review, (on non critical test systems), first.

Thanks again for a good post and thanks to GlassWire for supporting these sort of posts. Hope you will respond positively.


Thks for the feedback. We’ll look at adding the option to disable automatic updates in one of the next releases.

The majority of the softwares have the option to disable automatic updates.

Hi @domenico. Thanks for considering this change. I, for one, would really appreciate it.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback regarding auto-updates.

We have now implemented a feature which allows user to disable auto-renewals. You will see this new feature on the latest version 3.3.495 which can download here :Download Firewall Software by GlassWire

Access the feature from Settings > General > Enable automatic version upgrades.