Disabling Glasswire temporarily only

I having an issue with the Brave browser and want to disable Glasswire to see if it is the cause of the issue. Brave is taking 20+ seconds to load the YouTube chat for all live streams.

Seems no one knows sigh.

The only way I know of is click on the GW Menu and go down to [Deactivate Glasswire] and click on it. Hope that helps. :grinning:

Doesn’t that require me to find the license key and re-enter it once testing for this other issue is over? Does the deactivation also remove the rules I had set up over the years?

I think so, yes. I canceled my subscription and I am going to wait and see how it goes before resubscribing. :slightly_smiling_face

Why not just click Firewall “off” in the Glasswire Firewall page?

Or just uninstall Glasswire without deactivating the license?

Then to be sure, you could always reset the Windows Firewall to “default” settings, which should clear any custom rules created by Glasswire.