Disbale glasswire from notification panel andriod

How can i disable glasswire to show data usage from status bar? Actually i like it most of clean but i didn’t find any option to disable it. Anyone knows?? And I’m on andriod 7.1.1


Do you mean to disable our persistent notification, or just change what it shows?

It’s not possible to disable our persistent notification because our app runs in the background to graph your mobile data, and any apps that run in the background are required to have a persistent notification due to Google Play rules. If we break this rule we’ll be removed from Google Play.

However, you can change what the notification shows if you tap the top left GlassWire menu and go to GlassWire’s settings and then tap “notification view”.

@Gurjeet_Brar Like Ken said, there is no way of doing it. However, if you must absolutely do it, you could do it via root.

I am not recommending rooting your phone. But if your phone is already rooted, you could disable notification via one of the several root apps that allow you to do this or by tinkering with the SQL entries using an app like SQLite Editor.

Neither of these is a straightforward option, but an option nevertheless.

Is this worth rooting your phone for this? Considering how flexible android has gotten and that many payment apps do not work on rooted phones, I think not. But, to each his own.

Hope this helps! :grinning: