Discrepency with network traffic statistics

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I started a rather large download, and as its running, I 'm watching windows perfmon network traffic statistics and glasswire network traffic statistics. As you can see in the attached image, windows shows that I’m downloading at steady rate of around 145Mbps, and glasswire shows a steady rate of around 33 MBps (which comes out to around 264 Mbps if you convert it). I’m inclined to believe windows perfmon over glasswire……can you tell me why there is such a big discrepancy in glasswire?




Did you recently install GlassWire? If so we warn on install that you must reboot, otherwise GlassWire can miss some connections that are already present.

GlassWire uses a Windows API to show its network activity that’s accurate, in fact it probably works exactly like the Task Manager.


Above is an article that explains how our historical graph works, in comparison with something like the task manager that only shows current network activity.

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No, I didn’t recently install GlassWire.

Please reference the hard data provided in my original email and please provide me with an explanation about how those data totals are shown differently between glasswire and windows performance monitor / task manager.

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Aaron Miller

Your screenshot doesn’t show the time period you selected with the graph. GlassWire is a historical network monitor that can show past data, so perhaps the time period you are showing is for a longer time period than the other screenshot. The average network activity over a longer period would be lower than the short time period shown in the Task Manager.

We show the stats for the period chosen, and we don’t just show a short time period as explained here: https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/05/09/understanding-glasswires-graph-and-scaling-how-much-data-are-you-using-on-your-pc/

My apologies. The time period selected was 5 minutes.

I hope this helps in answering my question.

Aaron Miller

As a very interested observer - I’ve posted a lot on related topics in this forum - I would like to see the complete GlassWire window because the settings in the missing pane are crucial to identifying if this is problem with GlassWire.

A small change to the span of the graph view will affect the throughput shown in the main graph. While you might be in the 5 minute view, you might have inadvertantly changed the sample period thereby producing the discrepancy. I think that this might be the cause of the discrepancy because any change in that view span will increase the data throughput rate shown in GlassWire which is exactly what you are seeing. It is not possible to reduce the view span to less than a minute so the opposite cannot occur.

You can see the two GlassWire graphs in this example of my own. The smaller bottom graph indicates the default one minute view of the five minute graph:

P.S. I should have added that I tried reproducing the problem myself but wasn’t able to. I used GlassWire to stop everything except Google Chrome (and needed host processes), downloaded a known file size and checked the results comparing GlassWire with Task Manager and Resource monitor as shown in the above example. I couldn’t reproduce a discrepancy in several attempts with downloads from local and overseas websites. I also confirmed that the total downloaded data recorded by GlassWire matched what was expected.

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Thanks for taking time to post this detailed info @Remah.

I am having trouble fully understanding what the customer is experiencing and I could not recreate it myself, so I did not reply yet since I was not sure what to suggest. If your post does not help I hope @aaron1180 will let me know and perhaps we can suggest another solution for the problem.