Display Glasswire memory usage

I’d like Glasswire to display either the data memory usage or the total memory usage:
Data usage could go on Glasswire menu | Settings | Client next to the Clear history button.
Total memory usage could go on Glasswire menu | About

I’d like to know how much memory I free up by clearing the history.
It would save time over using Windows Task Manager to get the same info.
It is helpful if a user thinks that Glasswire is using too much memory.

We have rewritten GlassWire to use much less memory and this update will be available soon. Maybe since memory will be less of a problem this feature won’t be necessary.

between… you need about 10 seconds to check glasswire consumption through task manager. you don’t have 10 seconds?? you seriously want a feature just to spare 10 seconds of your time?? pls… I don’t agree with that feature. that feature is unnecessary. programs are like cars. as more extras you put, more weight they have… meaning you are just putting like 1 - 5 MB more on the program and making it consume 1% more memory just to see it’s memory usage… I don’t want to be rude, but that is a useless feature…

I’d agree except that Glasswire is so profligate with memory in general, Glasswire needs to convince many past users to return and try it again once it uses a lot less memory, and I doubt that such a feature would actually add even 1MB to the program. Make it easy for “disgruntled” present and past users to see that Glasswire uses less memory.

In the future when Glasswire is out of beta then such a feature will be virtually useless.

yeah probably it wouldnt add even 1MB… but the problem I am saying is that well, is people that lazy that they can’t make 5 or 6 clicks?? and than as you say, it will be a useless feature (if it’s not already). glasswire is consuming on my computer less than 30MB… it should be like that on every computer I think… is it really necessary a feature for 30-50MB of ram??? keep in mind that firewall like comodo free firewall need 150MB of RAM… 30MB is nothing…

Glasswire on my system has been using more than 100MB for the main process. It will be interesting to see if that drops with the latest release.

wow 100MB? what version of GW are you using? mine is v1.1.39b and, right now, after about like 2 days without shutting down my computer (but I suspend it) GW is consuming me 15-20MB… ofc, I think it depends on your internet usage. before I came to the GW forum GW was consuming 11MB, now, with a YT video playing it has a consumption of 20MB of ram and 0.5 CPU… I dont know why people have this changes… I would like that some1 that works for GW could answer this…

I’ve just cleared my history after I installed the latest version so I’ll see what happens. Currently it uses 31MB:
17MB Glasswire
2MB Idle
13MB Service

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I’m testing a new version now that fixes this problem. If you’d like to join our test list please email our helpdesk and let us know.