Display the speed connection in taskbar

Hi, no news about the information in taskbar like NetSpeedMonitor ? Because you widget is nice, but is not good for many people (when swidget is in front, they hide other information and in backgroud is useless, so in taskbar is the best way for me)


Just signed up to push this once again, seeing up / down speeds in taskbar is super useful. Would buy if it had that feature.

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I’ll try to help keep this request alive! :slight_smile:

DU Meter has been doing this for a decade now, and no “Windows Update” has quashed it.

Why not just give folks what they want to see in the software, even if it requires a bit of coding outside of the easy “dedicated APIs”.? Isn’t 10 years enough assurance that this simple functionality will hold?

Sure, a few will complain if somehow after over 10 years, Microsoft introduces an update that causes an issue, but most software companies just deal with it and move on…and most users understand and accept it!

I think everyone is waiting on an API that isn’t coming. That means it’s time to actually code to get it done!


I know it’s not exactly the same, but you can actually place the mini viewer on the Windows Taskbar for the same effect.

Just posting this in case some people don’t realize this is possible.


Thank you, Ken.

That particular implementation would work much better, if we were allowed to change the color of the text of the bandwidth numbers to be completely “black” for a light-colored background or completely “white” for a dark-colored background. The gray color is difficult to read on most backgrounds–even when the text size is increased.


I have also made an example using our dark theme.


I can see how the color of the text could be improved, thanks for your feedback on that.

You are close but not perfect yet.
We need to be able to see the live traffic… JUST THE NUMBER. the graph is unnecessary. T
You need to try using DU Meter to understand this I think
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Have you updated Windows 10 to the latest version? We have been told that app no longer works anymore because Microsoft made embedding apps in the taskbar impossible.

Interesting! I will take a look when possible. Maybe they have finally made the API official. I agree it’s cool and useful!

It’s almost 8 years and you guys havent implemented it yet so sad to see this. please implement the feature

It would be awesome to have that kind of customization for the taskbar! Being able to see your internet speed right there would be so convenient. I hope they consider adding that feature in future updates.