Display the speed connection in taskbar


Need an option to change icon in taskbar. For exemple display the speed connection like on my smartphone.



The Mini Graph shows this info https://www.glasswire.com/buy/#Mini_graph but this is a paid feature. Thanks for your feedback, we’ll investigate adding this feature in the future.


Yes but is a graf not a number :slight_smile:


upload/ download speed in the task bar is a very good feature that your app lack beside all the useful features it has. a toolbar or just the numbers that shows the current speed like networx is so much in need.


Is this what you mean? My mini graph shows this.

I have it set to transparent so that’s why it is such a dull color.


yes but on the taskbar so no additional space is required and it’s always visible.



We have some mock-ups and we’re working on this as you suggest. Thanks for your feedback.


Like that :

This app is perfect for this feature, but no updated


Would love a windows toolbar showing up/down speed.


would also love to see this feature. only thing missing in this beatiful app.


We had made some mock-ups of something like this for GlassWire in the future. We’re working on it. Thanks for your feedback.


Really ?
Nice !!! i will buy Glasswire in the future :slight_smile:
Can you share your mockups ?


I’ll ask, and they may say no.