DLL integrity error

I had this error with latest update of . I lost all my history and did the clean reinstall again. This came back up today despite the fresh install. It seemed to come after a period of time, not immediate. Any suggestions?

As a new user I can’t post more than one image. Here’s second image

Thank you. What is that software you are using that makes the window have those icons at the top middle? I wonder if it’s related to the error somehow.

Windows 7 SP1 x64. GW Free.

Me too; same error dialogue as shown in the first image, above. Problem persists even after a complete uninstall, folder/registry purge and reinstall with clean install checked and system restarts.

Also drops GWCtlSrv.exe.xxxx.dmp files on the Desktop.

I just sent an email to bugs@ and help@ with more detail and a request for a link to the 1.2.64 setup download.

I make the same request here. Thank you.

Please check this GlassWire DLL Integrity Error Message Notice.

That is DisplayFusion which just has a hook into explorer for pinning to top, minimizing to tray etc. I didn’t use any of those with Glasswire

The website is now updated with the previous version of GlassWire while we work on this.


Thanks Ken. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to reproduce the original error. I will monitor the new DLL for any issues for sure and let you know. Thanks for understanding!