DNS-over-HTTPS & GW NS Lookup

What router do you have?

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I use Cloud Flare as a CDN and now I want to uninstall. I see many video but still the CDN is not properly delete what should I do?

@davidoyama this FAQ will help you in removing the CloudFlare CDN from your website/domain.

Okay fine, let me know what should I do, how I change my DNS to my original hosting.

@davidoyama I did, check the link to the FAQ.

If you’re not referencing a website, then simply remove the CloudFlare DNS from your router or computer. Typically, just deleting the DNS entries to being blank will reset them to the ISP provided DNS.

Our next update will allow you to have the ability to turn off nslookups. Here is a sneak preview below!


FYI - Up to date, concise and technical:

Primary focus is on enterprise admin but here’s a pull quote for the average home & mobile user:

If you are an end-user, with your own personal (non-employer-owned) machine, your main concerns should be about whether any alternative DNS resolver (beyond manually configured or DHCP provided) is enabled/configured. The main issue with this would be when you are using someone else’s network and whether you are violating their policies or expectations. This is particularly true when traveling to other countries when this small change might violate local laws. This may also be true in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment, where this could violate your employer’s policy, with potential employment-related consequences.

As of v78, the executable run command line cited in the article is replaced by an internal flag:


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In Firefox, if you turn on DoH via the GUI it should handle it in the config automatically. No need to go to about:config.

For what it’s worth, keep in mind that GoDaddy is also against a free and open Internet. SOPA, etc, they backed.

I mention this because:

A version of this post was originally published in the GoDaddy Engineering blog.

By Brian Dickson, Principal Software Development Engineer at GoDaddy

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Our update that allows you to turn off nslookups will be out next week.