DNS server change notification

I have seen discussions about DNS server change notifications, but I am technically challenged, and don’t understand what that means. Should I be concerned about getting these notifications? I’ve done anti-virus, spyware, malware checks, and come up with nothing. How do I know what my DNS server address SHOULD be?

The only time I get DNS server notifications is when I use DNSChanger 2 (virus free version ) to change my server for speed /security purposes(non-tracking ) I also use DNS Benchmark .exe so who is changing your server ? Your ISP provides one originally for you but it doesnt keep changing it as opposed to an IP address(dynamic) if you dont have a fixed one.Your DNS server should be originally your ISP,s. Why dont you get an app that will tell you where the server is/owner the 2 above will tell you but there are many others then if its a bad one you can take action on your computer to block it as it must be a program that is doing it one that your computer thinks is legit.

How often does your DNS change? Sometimes unwanted programs or malware will change your DNS. For example some toolbars will change your DNS so if you miss-type a domain name it will send you to their search page where they make money. Our DNS feature is to help people know if their DNS has been changed by malware or adware.

However, some ISPs will change DNS settings occasionally and it’s no big deal. If you check the DNS alert it shows details on what has changed. If your DNS is changing all the time and you’re sure it’s not malware or a virus then you can disable the DNS check feature in our settings, or just disable the desktop alert.

For anyone who has this problem, another reason for Glasswire showing DNS servers changing is if you have IP v6 configured even if you are not using IP v6. The issue will arise when you are no longer connected to any of the networks you use. Without any IP v4 connection, the IP v6 default local settings will apply and Glasswire will show a network to change to those defaults which are typically addresses starting with “fec:” or “fed:”


how can I tell if I have IP v6 configured?
should I change this?
I also have frequent alerts about DNS changes on my ethernet adapter.
It usually happens when the computer wakes up from sleep

okay, I did a little research on the topic and I see that IPv6 is not a simple issue, and turning it off is not a one-click solution. I think I will just turn off tracking in glasswire for DNS changes, and leave it at that.

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What sort of addresses are displayed in the alerts about DNS changes?
IP v4 addresses look like
IP v6 addresses look like any of the following:

Normally, your IP v6 settings don’t matter unless you don’t have an iP v4 connection. That is when you may get alerts related to IP version 6 settings. As I said in an earlier post, the old IP v6 default local settings typically have addresses starting with “FEC” or “FED”

Edit: Here’s an example of IP v6 local default changing to IP v4 when my laptop connects to a network: