DNS translation does not work for all hosts

Hi everyone, I ask you a small question that I am trying to solve, seeing in the connections related to discord I notice a small “problem”: some hosts like xx.xxx.xxx.197 (relative translation “xxx.xxx.xxx.33.bc.googleusercontent”) appear in the list of connected host not translated, while others appear directly translated like “xxx.xxx.xxx.35.bc.googleusercontent” (relative ip xx.xxx.xxx.104) (attached photo), why does this happen ?? (I have enabled the nslookup function in the settings)


Thanks in advance for the answers.

Nslookup usually behaves worse than the default settings with it off (that still does a lookup through Windows itself. If you uncheck the nslookup option and wait for a day or so, do the lookups improve?

I disabled the nslookup function and restarted glasswire, waited a few hours and still some hosts are translated and some others not …
I installed discord and glasswire on another pc to see if the behavior is comparable and on the other pc no host is translated via dns (only the ip is shown), both with the nslookup function active and not.
Maybe a bug ??

It takes around 24/48 hours to start working, maybe give it a little extra time and see how it goes. Sorry for the issue.

Ok, I’ll give it some more time and see how it goes, apart from this little “problem” I think glasswire is one of the most useful applications I have used, in fact I have purchased and have been using the basic version for some time and I am very satisfied! Hope with this thread it can help improve it even more.

Thanks for your kind words! I’ll share your feedback on this issue with our team so we can improve.