Does GlassWire show wrong down-/upload speeds?

Just wondered why GlassWire is showing me a current download speed of 1 MB/s or lower while at the same time two other sources say that I’m downloading with 1.5 MB/s. This is not the first time I noticed this behaviour. Also GlassWire is showing me a graph with many “ups and downs” while other sources tell me, that my download speed was nearly constant 1.5 MB/s over the last minutes. Other sources = Steam, Networx.
I’m using the latest 1.0.40b on windows 8.1 64bit.
Am I doing something wrong or is my interpretation of the shown graph in the main window wrong?

Did your reboot since installing GlassWire? Sometimes GlassWire can’t pick up all network connections if you don’t reboot after its installation. We warn about this in the installer window but we don’t force people to reboot because it would be annoying.

I did a reboot now. At first everything seemed fine. Same stats in glasswire and networx while watching a stream. Then I went into standby mode and after waking up things became odd. Stats in the “firewall” tab of glasswire seem to be identical to networx stats and still correct, but the graph of glasswire is now wrong. The number in the top left corner reads 2 MB/s. The graph is nearly constant at the half of the height of the window so probably 1 MB/s. But when I click into the graph at different positions the numbers in the bottom left corner read 4 and 5 MB for download. Upload seems correct with 4 KB. So maybe it’s a driver issue? I’m not an expert.

Just tried it again. Bottom left corner number now reads 9 MB while graph is still the same. And then suddenly the graph changed back to a correct version of itself. Strange.

One more thing. It’s odd that a speed above 1MB/s is instantly rounded to 2MB/s. Even if it is 1.01 MB/s.

Perhaps there is confusion about the graph itself. The top left shows the scale of the graph, not your current bandwidth level.
You can go to the Graph/Apps button to see your exact levels or click on the graph.

Sorry for the late answer. I wasn’t sure about the top left number, but i already thought of it that way. So that’s ok. At the moment the graph is correct and I don’t know what had triggered the strange behaviour the other day.
But one thing I still think is odd. Every value between 1 and 2 MB/s is rounded to 2. This is heavily inaccurate and this behaviour can be seen by clicking in the graph and also in the firewall tab. Maybe you should round down to 1 for values up to 1.4999? Or just show some decimal places.