Does Glasswire warn about incoming connections

Does Glasswire warn u if an incoming connection to your IP has been established?


GlassWire shows all network activity involving your PC, so yes.

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Not sure what I am doing wrong, Win FW is active and set to block incoming/outgoing connections if no rule found. I installed glasswire and set it to ask for connections and it works just fine for outgoing connections.

I then initiated a network scan from another PC and glasswire does not ask anything about any incoming connections.

Am I doing something wrong?


Can you be more specific about what you mean by “network scan”? Also, was the scan successful and did it show any info? Thanks.

I just used a default portscanner. It checked the most common ports.
Is there another method you suggest to check if glasswire alerts me to incoming connections? I just need to confirm it works with whatever method is easiest.

Thanks for the quick reply btw. :slight_smile:

Windows Firewall has blocked port scanning since 2012 I think, so GlassWire won’t alert you to any scans since your PC isn’t able to receive a scan at all.

Unless you changed your Windows settings to allow scans/pings, etc…?

OK then, would you mind sharing how to simulate an incoming connection to see if glasswire alerts me to it?

Hi @Ovidiu, I stumbled across your question while looking for something else. I hope this helps you.

There is no way for GlassWire alert you to it because GlassWire never sees it. Since Windows Vista and Server 2008, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security has operated a stealth mode filter that blocks incoming connections automatically. That Port Scanning Prevention Filter cannot be turned off and it never logs anything so GlassWire is not alerted by Windows Firewall:

You could check Stealth Mode as shown in this article. I’d use Ping to send a packet to the computer: