Does Glasswire warn about incoming connections


Does Glasswire warn u if an incoming connection to your IP has been established?



GlassWire shows all network activity involving your PC, so yes.


Not sure what I am doing wrong, Win FW is active and set to block incoming/outgoing connections if no rule found. I installed glasswire and set it to ask for connections and it works just fine for outgoing connections.

I then initiated a network scan from another PC and glasswire does not ask anything about any incoming connections.

Am I doing something wrong?



Can you be more specific about what you mean by “network scan”? Also, was the scan successful and did it show any info? Thanks.


I just used a default portscanner. It checked the most common ports.
Is there another method you suggest to check if glasswire alerts me to incoming connections? I just need to confirm it works with whatever method is easiest.

Thanks for the quick reply btw. :slight_smile:


Windows Firewall has blocked port scanning since 2012 I think, so GlassWire won’t alert you to any scans since your PC isn’t able to receive a scan at all.

Unless you changed your Windows settings to allow scans/pings, etc…?


OK then, would you mind sharing how to simulate an incoming connection to see if glasswire alerts me to it?