Does GW capture 100% data flow in and out

This morning I bought 10GB of data to use on a USB Data Stick thru a 3G connection to authenticate some games ( my PC is AirGapped) I had WireShark ticking along but after a Total 186.8MB I was informed that I need to purchase more. Does this Total All Data Usage In and Out not = what the PC actually uses between it and the outside?
Nothing else connected.
WireShark was FlatLined before and after data usage /
Still dont trust windows dirtbags, / using Win 7 64bit (so my PC tells me)

side note to WS tech, I noticed under “inactive apps” it doesn’t recognize double ups when a program is reinstalled, it just adds it next to the last install. . I have GTA5 launcher listed a dozen or so times. Its Hording! maybe thats the solution above, multiple decuplicates for one program maybe counted as one?, piggy backing?


Yes GlassWire collects 100% of the data from when it was installed on your PC, but it can’t see data from before it was installed.

If you go to our “Usage” screen, are you showing “incoming and outgoing” there as your viewing selection? You can also go to GlassWire’s settings/security then look for the setting to set up a bandwidth overage alert.

Thanks for your feedback on the double up problem.