Does the free version allow blocking ports?

Is it possible to block ports with the free version and if so how?

GlassWire does not allow host/port blocking yet. We recently had a survey and nobody requested port blocking that I recall, but a lot of people requested host blocking and we plan to add it with 2.0 (after it’s released sometime).

why aren’t you blocking ports within your router?
by default your router should have it’s firewall active

Most UK routers at least have Encrypted router firmware that disallows there ADD bearing ports and among others open, this feature would work great…

SO far if you Fire Block icon on the app portion of the firewall, does what it says and blocks the connection (App based) im in and buying…

but as i game a lot i need to allow one or 2 legit ports for cs-go… and blocks them ddos haters… PS port 1250-1260 (ole school msg ports) seems to have a lot of activity. ne1 else confirm)…

+1 for some port Info block app connectivity if such port is set to block… = Complaints about app not working due to Users unaware of such things, words or WHY!!.. but education and ill get the feature i want =)

Great job though fellahs

it is good to listen to each port in the local pc …

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since why last usage i am back and alot issue was windows based allowing these ports etc to be open as far as today Glasswire seems to be working great

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I guess I may need a better router. I’m still using the cheap one that my ISP gave me and it is very difficult to program. My ISP doesn’t do that anymore but they are still replacing mine when it gets hit by lightening. I have a whole house EMP breaker but it does not save my router. Nothing else has been damaged - not even the modem before it; I am about at the highest point for miles.
I use both the Windows and GlassWire firewalls together, and have not had a problem doing that, but I am at a point with my home network where I either need to purchase a new modem or an enterprise-grade firewall. I am particularly interested in blocking ports for software like Zoom. Suggestions?

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FYI, GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API to block. So in a way you’re still using the Windows Firewall with GlassWire.

Why do you want to block ports for software like Zoom? For security reasons, or more of a quality of service reason?

Security - To start, I would like to see if blocking port 445 breaks Zoom.