Does the free version offer protection?

I’ve been testing the free version for some time now but can’t really figure out is it protecting or not since it doesn’t prompt for anything, it just allows connections (it seems), so fundamentally undermines the concept of security. In my understanding it starts to do something only after paid for and the free version is there just to show what’s gaining access to the internet and what not?


It’s true the free version doesn’t have “ask to connect” mode, but people still find GlassWire very useful for security. Our first versions of GlassWire had no “ask to connect” at all, and one of our first users found malware his antivirus missed

Unfortunately though he was already infected by the time GlassWire showed the problem.

We also visualized many different network related changes to your operating system that can help you catch problems that may go unnoticed without GlassWire.