Does this work well with Norton Security?

Norton Security has its own firewall. Does this work happily along side that, or does it disable or otherwise override Norton’s firewall?

Windows 8.1 x64

We do not disable any firewalls because we use the built in Windows firewall. I think in your case Norton may disable our firewall tab functionality but you can still use our network graph to see what’s happening on your computer.

Ok, thanks. Sounds like the firewall functionality of GW in my case, is not a concern. Which is fine, I’d want to rely fully on Norton for any firewall functionality anyway.

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i decided to install norton and it forced to close glasswire. when i try to reopen it, it didint open. any news about that?

Norton forces GlassWire to close and GlassWire cannot open at all? Are you sure? What version of Norton are you using?

Can you uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs, reboot, then reinstall our latest version?

is their a way i can use norton 360’s firewall but under glasswires command glasswire got some good controll features

The best thing you can do is remove Norton from your system. They have improved over the years - especially since Windows XP - however it’s nowhere near significant enough to allow them on your system.

For AV, use Microsoft Defender
For firewall, use GlassWire which makes use of Microsoft Defender Firewall.