Doesn't block traffic (No auto detection)

Does not block traffic
Unless you manually block a program it goes in and out of your network freely.
I would imagine things trying to get in from the internet can also freely come and go as they please unless caught by you and blocked.
So you would have to monitor the network from GlassWire constantly to block things and hope you’re blocking the bad things and not essential programs.
It’s a beautifully made software but without auto detection is useless and definitely not worth buying considering all the free ones that work properly with options to go pro. Some free one ask for permissions and learn your choices and after some time you won’t even have to do anything unless you install anew software and give it permission.

Thank you for your feedback.

The paid versions of GlassWire have a firewall status called “Ask to connect” that blocks everything unless you allow or deny it.

We purposely chose not to decide what users want to block or not because GlassWire is a full featured network monitor that shows you in detail what hosts applications are communicating with.

Most other firewall software out there has minimal useful network information so it’s useless without auto-detection. GlassWire is much more than a firewall and it provides detailed network information for users to make educated decisions on what to block or unblock unlike competitors who show no information and make guesses on what you might want.

I personally like to make my own decisions on my own computer with GlassWire instead of having some unknown developer make them for me. I recommend reviewing our features page so you can see GlassWire is much more useful than a firewall, from server monitoring to seeing who’s on your WiFi, to webcam and mic monitoring.

I feel the same way about making my own decisions, but I like to be asked because I cant spend all day looking at what’s going through my computer and figuring out if its malicious or not. I almost bought it for that other feature that shows what devices are connected I have an app on android that does that and I can’t live without it. By the way, will it detect a hacker attack or do you have to catch that manually also? It’s an honest question I really want to know.

GlassWire’s paid “Ask to connect” mode will ask you if you want to allow or deny the connection. I use it every day. After awhile you won’t see the prompt more than once or twice every few days, depending on how often you are adding/removing applications from your computer.

Here is an example of GlassWire detecting malware that an antivirus did not see at first. GlassWire doesn’t give you an alert like “Malware detected” but instead it lets you make an informed decision about what you’re seeing.

If you think you have malware we have some recommendations here