Downgrade service

Good morning,
I need to downgrade my subscription. I am not using it to it’s fullest and only using it on one system.
I couldn’t find a way to do this easily.


Details are on our contact page under “subscription help”. It’s very easy.

You find your order email, then click “cancel”. There is no need to contact us to cancel.

Thanks, Ken. But didn’t really want to cancel, just move down one step. Other than cancelling and resubbing is there another way?


We’re working on a cloud-based upgrade/downgrade system. Sorry I misunderstood. Currently we have no way to do this.

So, basically, cancel and then resub at the other rate, correct?

Yes, that’s the current solution until our cloud registration system is finished. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Not a problem. Hope y’all get it handled soon. :slight_smile:

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