Dump file desktop spam

Since installation, GlassWire is creating loads of dump files on my desktop. How do I make it stop or fix the error?

They are uploaded in my google drive folder at: /open?id=0B4OaGBWoxCWyLWtIS3BLdnNGMDQ
(can’t post links)

I’ve reinstalled, and that did not resolve the issue.

Kinda silly that dump files are being created with no error notification in the program that I can see, and that they aren’t being put in a Dump folder, but are fillling up my desktop.


Please be sure you’re using our latest software. If this happens again please email us the dmp using a cloud service if you don’t mind, and it will help us find the cause of this problem.


I think the problem is probably due to an unusual audio driver that somehow interferes with GlassWire. We are working on an update that solves this.