Edit alert item with incorrect date


I am using GW 2.3.374 on a Windows 10 Pro Ver 21H2. Tonight, I created, I think, some kind of error which locked up the machine and created some significant problems. In order to return to operation, I had to power down the machine. The most obvious resulting issue was a change to the system date from 2/3/2022 at about 1:00 AM, PST, to 2/12/2046 at 10:28 pm. During the brief interlude until I reset the time, GW detected a new MS Malware Protection Command Line Utility connection. I haven’t seen any other major issues and am investigating and scanning for possible malware, although I suspect the lock up and eventual power down and restart was more likely my fault for too many commands too soon without waiting for the system to time out while trying to do something else.

My question is, is there any way to correct the GW database, so the subject alert does not show up as 24 years in the future? Of course, GW was recording information as it, and the system, saw it at the time the event / alert occurred, but its not really correct. An now new events and alerts are falling into the correct spot in the database… but not correct in real time. Since I sort by date, with newest being first, it is kind of annoying to always see this alert as 24 years into the future. And misleading as well.

Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated.


Theoretically you could try to edit the database with sqlite, but I don’t recall anyone trying this recently. If you are able to get it fixed please let us know how you did it so we can help others in the future.

Sorry for the issue and I wish I had a clearer solution.