Elite to Premium Ripoff

Back in February 2020 I purchased an Elite license, which allowed me to install Glasswire on 10 PCs. Recently a message popped up telling me that I needed to renew my subscription, so I pressed OK. Without any further notice it promptly debited £42 from my account. I only know this because I was checking my account for something else. Why £42, who knows! I complained, but apart from an acknowledgment that I had purchased an Elite license, nothing useful. To prevent this happening again I cancelled the subscription with Cleverbridge and then tried to renew my Elite subscription, only to find it was now $99. Debiting my account with no notice of the amount is bad enough, but then to suggest I should pay nearly twice as much as I had previously, seems like a ripoff. Rant over!
Marc Isherwood

Hi Marc,

Elite subscriptions are paid yearly at £99 a year and allow you to have full features and unlimited history of GlassWire across 10 PCs. When you initially purchased your Elite subscription in 2020 you used a discount code, which is why you had a lesser yearly payment of £42 a year.


I can see that is the price for a small business subscription, but initially, when you charged my account without asking, you deducted £42. Now it has suddenly increased to $99. Why?