Enquirery about server Monitoring Feature

Hi everyone,

I started using glasswire (free version) yesterday, and is very happy about my user experience about it so far. It seems like an easy-to-use but informative tool to checking my network issue.

But looking into the more advanced stuff in Glasswire, I have a question about about the remote server monitoring feature.

Besides monitoring exe files and traffic (from what i can glance of the screenshot).

  • Is there any features, which would allow remote control of Services (on that server/machine) and scheduled tasks?

It would be brilliant to be able to monitor servers remotely (e.g with a web application running), and if there’s is a problem you could restart the services, or scheduled tasks without having to connect via Remote Desktop or Teamviewer to fix the server.

If not, then I would submit the above as a feature request.

And if you would consider this also, allow users to setup service restart procedures - e.g. you have an web application using 5 different services, but they need to be restarted in a certain order due to dependence of each other, and perhaps with a delay between the restarts. It would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for your time.



You can try one remote server for free https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#Remote_Monitoring.

We don’t have any remote control of services/tasks besides the firewall. Thank you for your feedback about the services, etc… we will continue adding that in the future.

Hi again,

Thankyou for a quick response. I will try that free remote server out to see what it can do.



While your may well understand, just to clarify (and also add to the complexity). You can install Glasswire Free on any computer in your network. Any one of those installations can monitor any other one if the Remote Monitoring is setup properly on both. For example, with only two machines involved, you can setup mutual Remote Monitoring – they can both be setup to perform both functions of remote “monitorED” and remote “montorING”. If you have more than two, you can switch the focus by adjusting the Settings for the two you want to work together at any one time.
While the Free option only allows you to monitor ONE remote machine at a time from any other Glasswire installed machine, you can alter the Settings of each so that any machine can monitor any ONE other at one time. Purchase of a more advanced option allows monitoring of multiple machines up to the limit of that purchased option. With a more advanced purchase level, each machine activated with that purchase code can remote monitor the number of remote PCs permitted at that level.