Ethernet Status Activity and GlassWire Traffic don't match

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently noticed a significant difference between the data reported in the Ethernet Status window of Windows and what GlassWire is showing for the same time period. In the Ethernet Status, the amount of data sent is substantially higher than what GlassWire reports. This discrepancy has me puzzled, and I’m trying to understand why there’s such a difference between these two metrics.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have insights into why there might be such a variance between the Ethernet Status and GlassWire data? I’m looking for any explanations or theories that could shed light on this discrepancy.

Thank you for your help and insights!

Yes, and often I have that glasswire will show no traffic at all when there is a lot of traffic on the NIC (streaming musing)

GlassWire represents only TCP/UDP traffic, which is the transport layer of the OSI model. The traffic of lower OSI layers is out of the GlassWwire scope. The ethernet connection shows the traffic of all OSI layers. This must be the reason for the discrepancy.