Euro verse United States Dollars

Why am I being asked to pay in Euros when I live in Australia? Why not USD?

I’ve just recalled that I got a pop-up last year to renew my licence.

I clicked on the pop-up expecting it to take me to a page where I could review the details of the cost etcetera before renewing it.

Therefore I was extremely angry to find that clicking this notification renewed the licence straight away. This renewed the licence for three computers, which I didn’t need any more. I also didn’t have free time to chase this up as I couldn’t readily find a support contact to reach out to.

So, don’t worry about replying as I’ve decided that I’m not going to bother resubscribing to your ‘service’.

Hi @Username1,

Sorry for any frustration. To confirm, all GlassWire licenses are subscription which are paid yearly, as they are subscriptions they do automatically renew. You do have full control of cancelling your subscription at any time. If you need assistance with cancelling or with anything else, please email our team