Exclude an App from logging data

I have been told to re-post under this section.

It would be great to have the capability to exclude an application from the usage Apps and Host traffic lists. An example would be to exclude browsers of choice.

I know one can select “Incognito” but that stops everything from showing up while it’s on.

It would be helpful to have an option in GlassWire to browse for the application exe and exclude it in a list.
Maybe under the firewall section, or in its own tab section. Having all the websites one might visit listed under the Usage-Host, can be a real privacy issue.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your feedback. You’re not the only one requesting this, and I think it’s a reasonable request. Perhaps we could have a check box to not keep details about browsers, only data usage in general. I’m not sure how complex it is to implement this though.

What you mentioned could be a one way. Or maybe another way, and could be easier to implement. Under usage when you “Hide App” it stops and does not record “ANY” info/data at all. No Host traffic, no websites you visit etc…What do you think?
Thanks in advance.

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