Facing - Service host high cpu usage

I’m having Glasswire installed on my Laptop. Everything is working fine. However, sometime my laptop becomes very slow. After having a deep look in the task manager, I found that “Service Host: Local Service (No Network) (3)” is taking high cpu usage. May be, that’s the reason my laptop become slow.

Any suggestion?

You should ask this question in a forum that deals with Windows issues because this forum deals with GlassWire issues.

But FYI, that process can use a lot of CPU for Windows updates and similar tasks:

Tech Support on reddit would be a good place for this IMO

This issue has many reasons like:

  • Windows Update.
  • Full Event log file.
  • Other programs.
  • Windows services

So, first of all figure out from which reason you are facing this issue. Then I’ll be able to help you.

I tried that guide from Microsoft Remah but no help.

Windows support can be found at several sites. You will be better off going there.

The official Microsoft site:

Here’s a list of support sites:

Even more sites:


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Though Remah is suggesting you to discuss your issue in a Windows Forum, I am still dropping some quick links that you can try to fix your issue.

If this doesn’t work, then you should definitely listen to Remah.


Thanks Remah & NoahBradshaw, the issue has been fixed.