Feature Comparison of Basic, Pro & Elite versions

It would be nice to see a feature comparison page between Basic, Pro and Elite versions, so it becomes easier for the user to check which one suits him best.

We list the different features in a table on the order page here https://www.glasswire.com/buy/ right next to each other. Is that what you mean? Thanks for considering upgrading to GlassWire basic, pro, or elite.

Yes that’s what I meant. But why isn’t Free version listed? The site doesn’t even say that there is a freeware version.

How long is the history for Free version applicable?

We had a free column on the order page but it was a bit too wide for the page so we removed it. The free version will continue to be available as it always has, just download the current version on our download page and don’t upgrade and you’ll continue to have access to all our original features for free.

I meant that looking around the website a newbie user wouldn’t know that there is a freeware version. There is just a Download button and Buy Glasswire button. It would be better if you named it Freeware version under the Download button.

Missing or not, what are the features of the freeware version. What does it not have that the basic version has?

https://www.glasswire.com/features/ Check out this page. When you hit the first section with the “Buy Now” button, that’s where our paid features begin. You can also see the paid features here https://www.glasswire.com/buy/.

GlassWire’s free version can only monitor one remote server, it doesn’t have “block all” or “ask to connect” modes, it doesn’t have the fully functional “Network” tab. It’s missing the webcam/mic detection, it has a shorter graph history, no extra skins, and you can’t hide a certain app from appearing on your graph.

I hope this helps and you’ll consider upgrading!

Highly recommend adding this column back. I’m writing up a blog review and I feel that knowing the comparison on the free version is critical if you want to gain more free users that might upgrade as they see the benefit. To have to come into the forum to get clarity made this a really confusing thing for me (looking from an end user perspective).

The website design is really nice btw, and I love the forum technology chosen. Very nice.

Please check this out. We made this image for Steam.

For our next website update we’ll consider adding it back.


To me it was always obvious that there was a free version, but I can’t object to a statement that explicitly says, “Download a free version for testing.”

As far as the capabilities of the free versus paid versions, see not only the chart above, but my post here: Free Version Limitations .

Hey I just installed this on my new computer and the free version seems to have the paid for content.

What is going on? I really hope it isn’t one of those 7/14/30 day trial stuff and then it will revert back asking me to buy. It doesn’t say anywhere that the features are available at all for the free version or for a limited time. Could I please get some clarification?


GlassWire has a 7 day trial, that’s correct. Thanks for trying GlassWire and we hope you’ll consider purchasing.