Feature - Install on router

I wish GlassWire would support sFlow or something like this! :blush:

I could use it to monitor my whole network from the Mikrotik.

Mirroiring a port will also work, but require a PC directly into this port (you can’t use a PC you already have).

@nka I’ll check out sFlow, thanks. Is it an open standard anyone can use? I wonder how many users it has?

@Ken_GlassWire Yes, OpenFlow, sFlow, NetFlow are almost the same thing and it’s a way for router to send data to monitoring device. Most entreprise grade router have that, but more and more residential router support it (even if it’s more for techy like me).

Wow, I just noticed how many views this thread has. It looks like a lot of users want this feature!


Or we are refreshing too much? haha :slight_smile:

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I’m very interested in this… you might be interested in talking to this guy. Hes very nice and helpful and has made a pretty powerful(but very basic UI) bandwidth tracking app for DD-WRT routers. I’ve used it and it works decently well.
YaMon Bandwidth Usage Monitoring @ usage-monitoring com

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I’ve wanted this for a long time. I see how it would be challenging to implement, considering the different devices involved and how much sophistication it would require from customers.

Raspberry Pi is a good idea, but will be a bottleneck at common higher tier broadband speeds.

Also, how to do this without requiring a $200 license for home use…


Thanks for your feedback.

Just to be clear, GlassWire does not require a $200 license for home use. Our Elite software is for 10 PCs and it adds extra functionality to our free software. If we introduced this “install on router” feature I think you’d be able to use it for free, but you’d have less history and less features than our Basic, Pro, and Elite versions.

GlassWire’s free software never stops working or expires and you’re welcome to use it as much as you want.

I think I misunderstood the licensing. I will make a new thread to avoid taking this thread off topic.

Does GlassWire packet capture or process monitor? If it isn’t capping packets then port mirroring is likely to be useless. And I’m not sure running your traffic through a proxy server equipped with GlassWire would be any more useful. I may be off base but most routers only do flow metrics. What your talking about is a next generation firewall os for a router named GlassWire. But I can’t deny that it sounds sweet!

This: Ken_GlassWireAug '14
We use a Windows API. We don’t parse packets or anything like that.

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I’d be real interested to know which path GlassWire are going to take. But I’d be very surprised it the GlassWire team got into a custom router OS or proxy server because there are so many good products that already monitor networks.

GlassWire’s strength is in making it easy to see what each process is doing on the network. So they’d be far better off working with existing standards (e.g. SNMP) and integrating with those network firewalls and the like.

I think that they have other options than passive capturing packets on the network capture and port mirroring at the switch. For example, Cisco Netflow, unlike sampling protocols like sFlow, provides sufficient detail for much of the traffic monitoring (incoming interface, IP protocol, source and destination IP addresses and ports, etc).

The major imponderable, from my point of view, would be how many device types will need to run GlassWire when those devices don’t provide an interface to get enough (or any) process info. In other words, I don’t think that they’ll have their software on every home appliance connected to the network unless a) it uses a major OS and b) the device is resourced (CPU, RAM, etc) to cope with the extra load.

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Diggin this up again (via google, trying to solve a problem of network monitoring). Does glasswire support this feature? Is there any other major recommendation on how to accomplish this? My router is running DDWRT, but im overall an amateur

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We don’t support it, but we hope to figure out a way in the future. Thanks for your patience.

I have a small Cisco ASA5505 that is sandwiched between two routers with span going to my laptop. The laptop is running Security Onion on a VM. I have Snort or Suricata IDS running at any given time. It captures all egress/ingress traffic and of course alarms on anything malicious.

Point is, if Glasswire could be built to interrogate traffic from a span or tap in promiscuous mode, it would accomplish what you want.

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We like this idea, but we worry only a small number of people would have the hardware to set it up. But maybe if we gave a link to buy the hardware and gave good instructions it would be successful.

Can it be done with a Rasberry Pi?

Sure can (span to ethernet/wireless for management.) You don’t need an ASA and can use a third party tab/span device to do this. I’ll get some names.

I’m considering replacing my setup with a Mini-Box and retiring the VM for something more permanent.


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I guess the big limitation with monitoring all the network traffic of a home is that you wouldn’t be able to get the information as to which application was running on the device. Perhaps if a daemon were running on each device that sent that information to the central monitor that would work, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of why I wanted to have a centralized solution in the first place (not having to install on each device). Is there a solution for this problem too?

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Thanks. We’ll check it out and see what’s doable.

Yes please… This would make keeping an eye on my children’s on-line activities so much easier…

It would make sense (to me anyway) to have a little box with GlassWire firmware and software pre-installed on it, attached to the DSL Modem/Router, “facing” inwards(to the LAN) and monitor all devices on the LAN (or as many as the purchased license supports). Just throwing ideas around.

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