Feature - Install on router

Using a firewall appliance, your home network would look like this:

INTERNET----> Firewall Appliance----> Router (with Wifi)----> Your LAN.

The Appliance would be firewalling and protecting everything going to and from the LAN.


Any news regarding OpenFlow, sFlow, NetFlow protocols? I would really loved GlassWire to monitor my Mikrotik as well. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

Why don’t simply use the SNMP trap? Some routers (many of them) generate network traces via SNMP, but these traces aren’t exhaustive.

It’s very difficult to log all data transiting on the network, unless your computer is the node between LAN and WAN.

Anyway, your tool is great, thanks!



Are SNMP traps secure and safe to use for most people? Just curious. We are still researching.

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Totally safe, this protocol is designed to collect data from network equipments:
[SNMP on Wikipedia] (unable to put link…)

But all routers don’t provide data about inbound/outbound network, neither about origin/destination.

This protocol is also use to collect data from server components, like temperature, fan speed, voltage, RAID status… with special [MIB] (unable to put link…)


Thanks for your feedback. We will take this into account when working on our router version.


Any news in this case??? I will love to use glasswire and pfsense!

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check “Fingbox” out on amazon …
fing has an app on google playstore & for iphones to correlate with this piece of equipment…

Fingbox is one of many network appliances or network security appliances that connect to your existing router to provide additional moniitoring and filtering/blocking capabilities. The best known of these boxes is probably the Disney Circle.

By the way, that Fing hyperlink is to a UK reseller; the Fing website is actually at fing.io:


These network security appliances are usually wifi routers. They usually focus on, or are limited to, monitoring wifi-connnected devices. Cable-connected devices are not usually monitored. The Koalsafe is one example which has two hardware options:


There are many websites providing reviews and comparisons under the heading of parental control devices, e.g.:

@Ken_GlassWire, maybe this topic should be split into two topics because these products are very different to software that would install on a router. Instead, they provide their own hardware to avoid all the issues around supporting software that runs on many different routers.

The most accurate way to monitor this would be on your router itself. All the devices on your network connect to the Internet through your router, so this is the single point where bandwidth usage and data transfers can be monitored and logged.

I got one word…


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My favorite feature of Fingbox… after configuring everything, firewalling the router through my VPN (perfect-privacy) is the 'BLOCK ALL NEW DEVICES feature!!! I have MAC addy’s setup in router to be the only devices and the TrendMicro has an eye out but Fing puts a stop to anything trying to slip through the cracks!!!

Fing/Fingbox is a crock when it comes to protecting your network info. If GlassWire were available on a router then it would be much preferred because, unlike Fing, GlassWire won’t collect data to send to their servers.

Read Fing’s privacy policy particularly the bit that says:

We will collect and use information obtained via the Fing Mobile Application (the “App”) and our hardware addon Fingbox (altogether the Fing” Services”) as described in this policy.


5 years on and still no further forward with this feature :frowning:

See DDWrt was mentioned. Going to note here that DDWRT has pretty much been abandoned.

Stable release: v24 SP1 (Build 10020) / 27 July 2008; 11 years ago

Definitely look into an alternative that works well, like a flavour of Tomato firmware, or if using an ASUS router, Merlin’s firmware is brilliant.

Also, a raspberry pi paired with pi-hole helps as an adblocker and surely can add a firewall functionality. Merlin firmware can also achieve this, though not as efficiently.


i also will add glasswire to my network to check ALL trafic.

I definitely agree, not sure if Glasswire would/could do the “User Spoof” protection that Fing provides…
I’m in a hi-hacking area, college right next to neighborhood, chinese/russian students renting rooms around me & they treat networks like their to be used @ their discretion. My Asus AC-RT3100 can & will be compromised without using the Fingbox to prevent spoofing of actual users devices…



GlassWire has something like this under settings/security. We check for Evil Twin attacks and spoofing attacks.

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Hi…my network is a gigabit network including the connection from the modem to the router. My internet connection is 200 megabits down and 10 megabits up. The Telo has a 10/100 megabit interface. Putting it between my modem and router would cut my speed in half.
ISPs like to provide a “gateway” which is a modem and router in the same box. Behind the router is the only option in that case.

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Could this be done by just putting a PC with two nics in between your router and LAN? Then just installing glasswire on that PC? I saw a youtube video of Linus and Hacksmith and he sorta said that Glasswire will monitor all network usage in and out, so im guessing they did something like this.


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