Feature - Install on router


It would make sense (to me anyway) to have a little box with GlassWire firmware and software pre-installed on it, attached to the DSL Modem/Router, “facing” inwards(to the LAN) and monitor all devices on the LAN (or as many as the purchased license supports). Just throwing ideas around.


Using a firewall appliance, your home network would look like this:

INTERNET----> Firewall Appliance----> Router (with Wifi)----> Your LAN.

The Appliance would be firewalling and protecting everything going to and from the LAN.


Any news regarding OpenFlow, sFlow, NetFlow protocols? I would really loved GlassWire to monitor my Mikrotik as well. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

Why don’t simply use the SNMP trap? Some routers (many of them) generate network traces via SNMP, but these traces aren’t exhaustive.

It’s very difficult to log all data transiting on the network, unless your computer is the node between LAN and WAN.

Anyway, your tool is great, thanks!



Are SNMP traps secure and safe to use for most people? Just curious. We are still researching.


Totally safe, this protocol is designed to collect data from network equipments:
[SNMP on Wikipedia] (unable to put link…)

But all routers don’t provide data about inbound/outbound network, neither about origin/destination.

This protocol is also use to collect data from server components, like temperature, fan speed, voltage, RAID status… with special [MIB] (unable to put link…)



Thanks for your feedback. We will take this into account when working on our router version.